Runescape: Earn 2 Mill a Day

With the rune market on an upward trend, most rune armours and weapons are very favourable now, therefore rune ores have skyrocketed.
This is due to many factors:

Introduction of PVP worlds

Rune ore is generally low in supply

Demand is always high

Now is the best time to mine your rune ores and stash up your coins by 18k per click! P2pers are also welcome to this guide (although you get heaps of advantages).

I know mining is like grinding your time (painfully), which certainly isn’t ideal for members. However imagine this, 18k per clck, you would be a millionaire in just less than a day!

My guide will show you how to become a rune miner in the fastest way. Remember your power mining techniques, mine the full load, then continue to mine while you drop the first and second ore and so forth.

This is how it goes all from scratch.

Step 1. Attain level 15 mining (2411 xp)

  • Required time – less than an hour.
  • Power mine on copper and tin at Varrock southeast Mine

Step 2. Attain level 41 mining (41171 xp,

38760 xp difference from level 15)

  • Required time – roughly 3 hours
  • Now, power mine on iron at Rimmington (deserted mining area)

Ok, after level 41 may I stress you enough that it is more economical and less time-consuming to spend 25k on the rune pick as you would be 1 hitting these iron rocks

From my examination, this is the result that I came up with when I power mined iron continuously for a full load.

30 iron ores = 1 minute 14 seconds

1 minute 14 seconds is the equivalent to 1.23 minutes when put into a decimal.

If we are willing to find the time it takes to mine 1000 ores, we can apply an equation.

1.23 minutes = 30 iron ores

60 minutes = x ores

1.23x = 60 x 30

1.23x = 1800

1.23/1.23x = 1800/1.23

x = 1463.414

We can conjecture that you can mine about 1400 iron ores in one hour.

Since 1 iron ore = 35 exp

Then to find the exp for 1400, we must multiply by 35

1400 x 35 = 49000

Step 3. Attain level 85 mining (3258594 xp, 3217423 xp difference from level 41)

  • Required time – Approximately 66 hours
  • More economical if you start using rune pick at level 41 mining as you would 1 hit the iron rocks
  • Continue power mining on iron

Step 4. Start mining your fortune!

Mission accomplished!

Total time spent = roughly 70 hours

Energy = -84489464123% (dead tired, sore wrist)

So lets assume that you’re a Runescape nerd (haha! laughs at you 😛 jk), you play roughly 12 hours per day, you would practically become a rune miner in just less than a week. Then to your surprise, you would discover that your mouse click would literally be worth 18k gps each.

Check out my progress and results in just one day!