New World 0 to 200 Furnishing Levelling Guide


Known as one of the seven crafting trade skills that you can train in the game; it is of the non-combat category where you invest your time in gaining experience and mastering it for new world furnishing. There are a total of three different trade skills: Gathering, Refining, and Crafting.

Furnishing allows you to craft a range of storage items, trophies, and furniture for your player-owned hose in the game. The materials utilized to train the skill come from Gathering and Refining. The task can be performed in the workshops located in your settlements, and each of them has its own tier requirements. In simpler words, the higher tier the workshop possesses, the more items you’ll be able to craft for this new world furniture leveling guide.

If you’re looking to learn more about Furnishing, then there’s no better platform that covers every aspect of it. In the following guide, you will learn the most efficient and quickest way to train your Furnishing skill.

Materials & Skills Required

Here are the skills that play a vital role in the form of gathering resources to train the Furnishing skill – Leather Working, Smelting, Wood Working, Weaving, Mining, Harvesting, and Logging for new world furnishing. Alternatively, if you can’t gather the necessary resources, you can always purchase them from the other players through trading.

What are the benefits?

Furnishing may seem like an unimportant skill at first as it allows players to craft items that are used for aesthetic purposes. Yes, the furniture items don’t offer any benefit and are solely crafted for decorating the house, but trophies and storage items have their own perks.

Storage items provide space to store the extra resources or materials that you’ve gathered. Without it, you’ll either have to throw them away or use them to craft items you don’t need because your character’s inventory space is limited for this new world furniture leveling guide.

Whereas, trophies offer bonuses while using other trade skills. Most of them also assist you in combat with enemy mobs. The higher you level up your Furnishing, the better variants of storage units and trophies you’ll be able to craft.

How to level up?

For a smooth journey to max out your Furnishing skill in the game, we have picked the perfect items that you can constantly craft to gain easy levels. The following levels will help you reach level 200 in the skill, and once you’ve maxed, you’ll unlock every Furnishing item to craft.

Level 0-25

To start off, you’ll need to make 47 Warm Iron Sconce (Bright). The materials required are – 2920 Green Wood, 940 Iron Ore, and 235 Oil.

Level 26-50

You’ll need to make 127 Ash Wall Shelf. The materials required are – 7620 Green Wood, 2540 Iron Ore, 254 Aged Wood, and 51 Weak Solvent.

Level 50-75

You’ll need to make 192 Ash Armoire. The materials required are – 23040 Green Wood, 11520 Iron Ore, 768 Aged Wood, and 154 Weak Solvent.

Level 75-100

You’ll need to make 62 Minor Weapon Smithing Crafting Trophy. The materials required are – 1150 Lumber, 2090 Iron Ingot, 697 Obsidian Flux, 1393 Charcoal, 62 Maple Stain, and 1550 Fire Mote.

Level 100-125

You’ll need to make 1142 Oak Stain. The materials required are – 11429 Weak Solvent and 4572 Oil.

Level 125-150

You’ll need to make 375 Robust Wind Chimes. The materials required are – 21420 Wyrdwood, 35700 Aged Wood, 53240 Green Wood, 10710 Coarse Sandpaper, 7440 Iron Ore, 620 Sand Flux, and 620 Fibres.

Level 150-175

You’ll need to make 609 Mahogany Stain. The materials required are –6096 Pure Solvent and 2438 Oil.

Level 175-200

You’ll need to make 794 Oval Cerulean Rug. The materials required are – 119100 Silk Thread, 635200 Fibre, 59550 Cross Weave, 119100 Thick Hide, 635200 Rawhide, 59550 Tannin, and 11910 Wire Fibre.