Dungeon Party: An Amusing and Silly Free MMORPG

Here is another break from the ordinary! After browsing through game after game with stunningly beautiful graphics but the same exact gameplay and premise, I encountered this gem. Dungeon Party is a free MMORPG that does not take itself too seriously.
To begin, you choose from three classes – the thief, the wizard, and the executioner. Once you’ve customized your character’s colors and equipment (I’m not entirely sure but I think the equipment does not show on the character), you can enter a game. A game requires 2-10 people to play. There are preset dungeons to play in, and you can create your own using the editor in the game.

The object of the game is to work as a team to get the treasure from each dungeon. Finding the treasure is the easy part. The challenge is in getting the treasure to trust and like you enough for it to allow you to take it from the dungeon. To do that, you must carry the treasure around while fighting the monsters and the boss of the dungeon. Sound ridiculous? Much of this game is, and that’s what makes it so charming.

Each character has a number of spells and “schools” to choose from. Once you pick a school, you must stick to it. The wizard’s schools, for example, are “Wizard School,” “Contribution School,” and “Control School.” The executioner, however, can choose from the school of “Grrrrrrrrr,” “Arrrrrrrrrgh,” or “Roohhoo.” The spells themselves can get pretty amusing. Most are standard spells with a twist. For example, the executioner has a spell in which “you give your hero the desire to go to the loo but try to resist. In a rush, his speed of movement and attack are increased, but the effort costs him a few health points.”

The only problem I might have with this game is the fact that there seem to only be three dungeons. However, hopefully the dungeon editor makes up for this.

The game recently entered open beta. You can sign up through the website, and, as the site itself states, “you can come with your friend and freely register to join the teams of heroes already fighting in the Dungeons to capture the Chest!” On a positive side-note, the client download is only 400 mbs.

Just browsing through the website was extremely amusing. Dungeon Party looks like the ideal game for someone looking to just relax and play a fun, entertaining, and very silly game for a change.