Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes: More RPG Puzzle Action

There’s been a pretty recent influx of puzzle/rpg-strategy games in the last few years such as Puzzle Quest. Games of this kind have been pretty successful with their unique game play that involves fighting out strategic turn-based battles via puzzles, questing, and improving upon your character in typical rpg fashion. Might amp; Magic: Clash of Heroes is another one of those fun little games that mixes these game play elements to make for an excellent experience.
Game Play

As mentioned above, this game mixes puzzle, rpg, and strategy together and takes its theme from the Heroes of Might and Magic line of games. Similar to other games in that franchise, you play as a hero affiliated with one of the factions of the game and command an army. You move on the world map from location to location exploring freely and often able to deviate from the main storyline. When you get into combat it lines up a random mix of race-specific units in three colors: white, brown and blue. Your goal is to deplete your opponents health to zero or accomplish some battle specific objective like kill a large boss unit or hit switches on walls in the correct sequence; You do this buy creating formations which means you line your units up in twos, threes, or fours and gets them charging. Once the requisite number of charge turns has passed then the unit launches its attack which may just be purely damage or have a special property cutting down enemy unit pieces in front of it. Your hero has a single spell that is unique to that hero that you cast with mana. You gain bonuses to the damage by creating combos with your formations much like you might get high scores for doing the same in a puzzle game.

This system is actually much like Othello, very easy to learn and hard to master; I really like this game play because while it is similar to other puzzle games the way combat works feels much more like your playing a game of chess or checkers with your opponent rather than feel like a puzzle game. I find this to generally be a good thing, but it may be a drawback for people who are fans of the heavier puzzle game play like in Puzzle Quest.

The difficulty of the game is probably the biggest flaw I had with it. Not that the game is difficult though so much as the difficulty is so uneven from battle to battle. For the most part, the basic meat and potatoes battles of the game are pretty easy, but differences in level can be huge when you occasionally find an enemy who’s several levels higher than you with champion and elite units 4 to 5 while you still have level 2-3 core units. These battles can be very frustrating as you can play a great game and still lose without being able to do anything about it because your enemy can deplete half or all of your health with a single attack. After this is over, your back to the easy battles till you come across a battle who’s objective is not just to bring your opponents health to zero; these battles count amongst themselves what I feel are both the hardest battles in the game and the easiest depending on the conditions. Sometimes they are not hard nor easy but very tedious as you still have to smash through your opponents battle lines to tag whatever object on the map that you have to. I would have liked to see a more homogeneous spread of the difficulty myself, but this doesn’t dissuade me from counting this as an excellent game.

Yes, this game does have multi-player and its good fun for you and a few friends although some of the races I think are horribly balanced for multi-player.


Graphics are about what you’d expect on DS. There are DS and other hand held games with better graphics quality but that isn’t too much of a problem since they are heavily stylized. The score is pretty mediocre though, but if your a fan of the music I -think- some of songs are remixed from Heroes of Might and Magic 5.

Final Thoughts

Is this just a Might and Magic themed clone of Puzzle Quest; I don’t personally think so but its definitely inspired to its genre by that game and whether it is or isn’t I feel it’s a worthy purchase if this is your kind of game.